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America's Cheeses Need….New Names?

March 5, 2014

So US-made cheeses apparently will need better names, more geographically correct names, names that reflect origins, if the EU trade agreement goes through ? Provenance, yeah!

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"Fake," Mis-Labeled Foods Revealed in UK

February 10, 2014


"Consumers are being sold food including mozzarella that is less than half real cheese, ham on pizzas that is either poultry or "meat emulsion", and frozen prawns that are 50% water, according to tests by a public laboratory.'

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The Fungal-Ripening Benedictine Nuns of Bethlehem

March 4, 2013

These nuns know cheese, thanks to an assignment to a young nun years ago that led to a cow that led to a cheese-making tradition in Connecticut.

Sister Noella Marcellino, with a PhD in microbiology, heads the team at the Abbey of Regina Laudis.

In  a piece in the New Haven Register, Sister Noell…

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