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National Farmers Market Week, Ta Da!

Yes, this coming weekend, please kiss the organizers of your local farmers/growers market, because their gift to you is immense, no?

And, if you need to find a farmers market for yourself, or a pal/family member, search this list compiled by the USDA.

Photo Portland Farmers Market, Maine

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The Apple Man Revives Good, Old Varieties

The Baldwin apple, via USDA

As a child of the Empire State, once home to a wide range of apple varieties, many of them NOT SWEET, America, I salute the efforts of John Bunker of Maine. Bunker is set on saving apple trees, and spreading the seed of as many "mystery" apples as possible, in order to 

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In Portland, Maine, Right Now, It's All About the Eels

In fact, it's the elvers, immature eels, which are in demand by aquaculture companies. "If the catches are great, the prices will go lower. If the catches are poor, the prices will go higher," said Mitchell Feigenbaum, owner of Delaware Valley Fish Co., which buys eels in Portland and ships them…

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