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Woe Comes to Those Favoring GMO Labeling in WA

From info wars:  "GMO labeling initiative 522 has failed, proving once again that corporate money can buy food secrecy. "

Washington State voters apparently have narrowly rejected a bill that would have required labeling of some GMO food products.

Corporate food sources outspent those in favor …

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Monsanto, Again? PacNoWest Wheat Farmers Unite

Via National:

"A class action lawsuit was filed this week on behalf of Pacific Northwest wheat farmers and the Center for Food Safety (CFS) after Oregon wheat farmers suffered depressed wheat prices for their crops following the discovery of allegedly illegal genetically engineered, glyphosate-resi…

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Ready for More Monsanto?

A Kansas wheat farmer is suing Monsanto in advance of his harvest because when an Oregon farmer found "Roundup Ready" wheat growing in his field, wheat buyers from Japan and South Korea immediately suspended all purchases of US wheat.

Predictably, Monsanto, which stopped development of this wheat…

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