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Major Fish Farm Coming off Hawaii

According to The Verge, there’s going to be a highly automated fish farm, 1,300 feet deep, a few miles off the coast of Hawaii. It’s called Oceansphere. Within Oceansphere, there will be an automatic feeding system, thrusters to keep the sphere stationary, plus 1,000 tons of Ahi and Bluefin tuna,…

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A Rescue for River Herring?

According to the NYTimes, "The New England Fishery Management Council on Thursday approved the region’s first cap on the amount of river herring that can be caught by industrial trawlers."

River herring numbers are low, down 90% in the last twenty years, according to River Herring Rescue. Obsta…

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In Portland, Maine, Right Now, It's All About the Eels

In fact, it's the elvers, immature eels, which are in demand by aquaculture companies. "If the catches are great, the prices will go lower. If the catches are poor, the prices will go higher," said Mitchell Feigenbaum, owner of Delaware Valley Fish Co., which buys eels in Portland and ships them…

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Food Nation tonight, from PBS

Watch Introduction to Food on PBS. See more from America Revealed.

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The Last Supper?

They were Jews, so it's likely they were celebrating Passover with tasty lamb, unleavened bread, bitter herbs, and wine.
Or was it a pre-Passover festive meal?
Or was it simply the bread and the wine......? 

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Need a Job? Start a Bike Caffe...

Jobs are tough to come by, but with food trucks in vogue, could eco-friendly food bikes be far behind? Grab a piece of bike/food history and start your own Bike Caffe. It all began in London...Read more here.

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Tacos Deluge East Haven, CT, Mayor

"Latinos in East Haven, Connecticut delivered hundreds of tacos to the town’s mayor Thursday, just two days after he made a flippant, derogatory comment about them while discussing alleged police discrimination and violence in his community.

 In the wake of those allegations, Mayor Joseph Maturo …

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Fear the Frankenfish? Yes!

"In 2009, Canadian authorities discovered a new strain of a deadly fish flu, Infectious Salmon Anaemia, at a Prince Edward Island aquaculture research facility. ISA outbreaks always mean trouble—the disease decimates fish populations across the globe—but this case is leaving an especially sour taste…

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Meatless in the Midwest

This NYT reporter strives to stay alive in the meat-filled Midwest.

Yes, This, Too, Is A Lucky New Year Food

Birthday Cake, Japanese Sushi Version

Boxing Day in the UK

The day after Christmas, Boxing Day is the time to give gifts to the poor, from a box set aside for such offerings. It's also a Bank Holiday, and yet another opportunity to eat heartily among family and friends.

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Alaska Reindeer

Yes, we have reindeer in America--these are part of an early Alaskan herd imported from Siberia.

Via our sister site, EATS Alaska.

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