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The National Center for What?

The National Center for Food Production and Defense is in Minneapolis-St. Paul, at the University of Minnesota. Ever heard of it? It comes under the vast, well-funded umbrella that is Homeland Security.

They're holding a webinar tomorrow on "cargo theft" of foodstuffs. They hosted a Food Defense Seminar last month during which Director Amy Kircher spoke of adulterated or mislabeled foods we consumers need to be on the alert for, such as olive oil that isn't, lemon juice diluted with water--who buys this, anyway??-- and more. What has been missing in these over-simplified reports is what exactly the consumer is supposed to do about this. Most of us cannot research in depth the provenance of canned or bottled products.

So, again, we are back to growing our own, or buying locally, and getting to know the producer, because NCFPD appears to be offering few concrete solutions.

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