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Celebrating Chefs in the US

According to the Today Show, "the United States Postal Service has cooked up something new — stamps honoring five celebrity chefs. The set, which officially comes out next Friday (Sept. 26), spotlights James Beard, Julia Child, Joyce Chen, Edna Lewis and Felipe Rojas-Lombardi.

“These chefs ex…

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Can't Get Enough Photos of Food Dishes?

The Food Foto Gallery allows you to gorge-----on the food pix of others, or your own. Mega masses of food pix. From soup to nuts, as it were. Pictured? Homemade tortillas.

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Finally Learning to Cook at 78

British writer Michael Freedland lost his wife of many years one year ago. But he also lost his favorite cook. Urged on by his children, he is learning to do more than scramble eggs. And then some.

More here.

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Save Dough, Improve (Commercial) Pasta Productivity

How? Just add a gizmo to your business' existing commercial mixer, rather than buying an entire separate pasta maker.

More here from Slate. Photo

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Feeding 21 Creates New TV Food Star in Cairo

Ghalia Mahmoud was a cook for an upscale family in Egypt when she was "discovered" by a tv executive needing insights for cooking at the time of Ramadan. Now she has her own show, and is gaining celebrity.

"We are people from poor neighbourhoods. If my husband left me 10 Egyptian pounds (£1) and we …

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Columnist Bittman "Likes" New Fake Chicken

So take a look via the NYTimes.

Eco-Eating on Greenpeace's New Rainbow Warrior III

DIY Doner Kebab, in Pix

Seized with a passion to both make and eat Doner Kebab? The Guardian's Tim Hayward shows how.

Martha W's Kitchen

"Experience a behind-the-scenes look at the Washingtons’ kitchen through the new exhibition, Hoecakes & Hospitality: Cooking with Martha Washington. On display inside the Donald W. Reynolds Museum, this temporary exhibition explores how foods were prepared and presented at 18th-century Mount Ver…

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Make the Kids Cook, Already

OK, it's a NYTimes piece, from the land where people eat pho. This Mom gave her teenage kids free rein in the kitchen to cook dinner, thus freeing them from cleanup chores. Yes, reader, they bit.

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Free App? Mega Recipes?

"Real Recipes  (app)offers more than 25,000 recipes and countless tools to enhance the user’s cooking experience, including a recipe box, recipe ratings and reviews, and the best advice and tips from the expert food Guides on"

If you want that many recipes clogging your phone or othe…

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Dragon Food

Happy Year of the Dragon--take a gander at these traditional foods, typical of those eaten during the two week Chinese New Year festivities

 Dumplings: Symbolize wealth because they look like ancient Chinese money.

  Rice dumplings: Represent “reunion” because of their round shape.


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Cooking "Modernist" in A Typical Kitchen

NYTimes writer Melissa Clark discovers that high tech cookery can indeed take place in an ordinarily-equipped kitchen, in this case, her own. "Modernist Cuisine's" actual Nathan Myhrvold visited. 

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