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The Edible Masters: Egg Salad and Pimento Cheese Sandwiches

Yes, it's still the 1950s at The Masters golf tournament in Augusta, GA. The prices are bizarrely low for the traditional egg salad and pimento cheese sandwiches. New fare to some, old standards to those who were cogent back in the day.

(Via SBNation.)

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Food as Fuel: El Capitan

The magnificent climb of El Capitan, just realized by Tommy Caldwell, pictured, with dinner, and Keith Jorgeson, was fueled, at least in part, by what appears to be spuds/carrots/broccoli...? No account we have read of this  almost three week effort has described what they ate, and how. We posted th…

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Foodish and "In" in 2015?

Kalette? A new veg for 2015?

Here's what NPR thinks will be trendy next year.

Resolved for 2015?

For 2015: "Resolve to try one new food each week for a year—or an unfamiliar preparation of an already-known food."

It's a book, a challenge, and a tossing  down of the gauntlet for kids.

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Kale Lovers Dig Veggies More

Science is beginning to reveal that those who like "bitter" tend to eat more veggies. According to a report from scientists at Penn State and the University of Connecticut, there's a "bitterness" gene, and if you have it, you will not curl your lip at kale, or, beer.

There's more here.

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Comfort Foods? Bah Humbug! (Not.)

Many people may see ice cream as the perfect mood-lifter, but a recent study in Health Psychology claims that “comfort foods” aren't really comforting at all. “Results showed that there were no significant effects of food type (including comfort, non-comfort, and neutral foods) on mood, sugges…

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What People are Eating and When: Do We Care?

Ever wondered what’s the most popular food, drink or condiment in the world at any given hour? Probably not! But--consumer technology company Jawbone—famous for its fitness tracker and app that tells you about your daily habits—has put together such a list  from its global user base, even though you…

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Olympian Appetites, Fed

Snow and ice-surrounded US athletes are eating better than ever. The Women's Hockey Team is one example.

Via NYTimes

"SOCHI, Russia — At 7 a.m. Saturday, five hours before the United States opened the Olympic women’s hockey tournament with a 3-1 victory over Finland, the Americans ate a bre…

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The Nuts Have It!

"In the largest study of its kind, people who ate a daily handful of nuts were 20 percent less likely to die from any cause over a 30-year period than were those who didn't consume nuts, say scientists from Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Brigham and Women's Hospital, and the Harvard School of Publi…

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June 17: Eat Your Veggies Day?!

Really? That's right up there with "Breathe the Air Day," isn't it? Come on, people. Veggies r us. Silly.

( Pictured are okonomiyaki, Japanese veggie pancakes.)

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Irish Foodies Lured to Scotland

"Following the success of the Celtic Cook Off over the past two years, the West Cork Food/Celtic Cook Off working group have been invited to take part in the two-day Loch Fyne Food Fair in Scotland from 18 to 19 May."

Their host is Roy Brett, past Cook-Off winner, and chef at Ondine, in Edinburgh…

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Emergency Donut/Java Shops Stay Open in Beantown

"On Friday afternoon, a handful of Dunkin' Donuts stores remained open in the Boston area to serve coffee and donuts, despite the widespread lockdown of the city and surrounding areas. Karen Raskopf, chief communications officer for Dunkin’ Brands, said the orders to remain open came from the city…

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Go Cheesy in the Big Apple

The 3rd annual Big Cheesy grilled cheese competition returns to Openhouse Mulberry Saturday March 23-March 24 in Manhattan. Read more here.

Now Openhouse itself rates a mention. It's a "popup" venue company whose spaces can be hired and turned into any number of environments, including, recently,…

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Birthday Guy's DC Sandwich Competition

(Photo via Juanita Hendricks)

From the WaPost, a very personal sandwich event, from Bart Barnes.

"...It was Mark Crowdis, the president of his own green energy company, who created the winning sandwich. He knows I love baseball and hot weather, and he tried to reflect that in his entry. It featu…

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The Big Fat Sugar Thing

Americans consume 130 pounds of sugar per year, immediately pictures someone standing with an open bag of sugar just letting it slide down the throat, but no! 

There's 10 t. of sugar in a 12 oz Coke, people.

View the graphic here.

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Ice Cream Lovers? This is Your Site

If you eat it, make it at home, plan trips around ice cream availability, I Love Ice Cream is a must.  Among many other offerings from the site's Brooklyn/Florida creator, two recipes stood out--olive oil gelato, and black pepper ice cream. 

Photo via Chow.

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How "Pink Slime" Surfaced/Went Viral

"Pink slime went viral thanks to a revolting name, a celebrity activist, and a think-of-the-children angle. The takedown kicked off in January when McDonald’s, at famed chef Jamie Oliver’s urging, voluntarily eliminated pink slime-loaded beef from its supply chain. Burger King and Taco Bell followed…

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24/7 Automat for Cupcakes Opens

"This automatic cupcake machine dispenses freshly baked cupcakes, cupcake mixes, apparel and even cupcakes for Fido! In the heart of Beverly Hills nestled between Sprinkles Cupcakes and the brand new Sprinkles Ice Cream, 24 Hour Sprinkles will be continuously restocked day and night with a variety …

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Diet-Tubing: Weight Loss Machinations from Italy

It  began in Italy, with people trying Diet Tubes---no eating, just receiving nutrients via a tube inserted in the nose, intended for the stomach. Not for a long time, just short weight loss periods. Augmented by tea, green tea, apparently. 

The Guardian's Amanda Mitchison reports:

"Last year, 1,5…

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Mindful Eating: Appreciating Food and Food Providers

NYTimes writer Jeff Gordinier experiences a Buddhist approach to slowing down, eating with full attention, even eating less because of it.

"Surrounded by a murmur of clinking forks, spoons and chopsticks, the Blue Cliff congregation, or sangha, spent the lunch hour contemplating the enjoyment of sp…

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