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Berkeley To Tax Soda!

"On Tuesday, voters in Berkeley, Calif. passed the country's first soda tax with a whopping 75 percent of the vote, a big defeat for the beverage industry, which had poured millions of dollars into blocking the tax," according to the WaPost.

"The university town—population 117,000—was considering …

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Food Styling Goes Real, Kind Of....

Gone are the days when raw chickens were painted to look just-out-of-the-oven and marbles were placed in condensed soups to make the solid ingredients rise to the top, today’s editorial food photography is taking a more natural approach. “Part of this is a legal issue—passing off fake food as real i…

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McD's Under Pressure from Russian Government

Politics or not?  BBC News reports the Russian authorities are  temporarily closing four McD sites in Moscow, claiming they are unsanitary.

"Quentin Peel, former Moscow bureau chief for the Financial Times, told the BBC that the checks and closures were "propaganda".

"It's an extraordinary decis…

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UK Frozen Foods Boom: Healthy Plus or Just Profit-Maker?

Frozen foods. Better than canned? Yes. Better than fresh? Likely not. Less wasteful? Possibly. Longer lasting? Hmm. Less expensive? Sure.

"Six years ago Delia Smith was lampooned for recommending frozen mash and, more recently, Gordon Ramsay's reputation was dented over frozen ready meals. But m…

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Secret Starbucks Fuels Olympian NBC Staffers

According to the Wall Street Journal, NBC, "... which paid $775 million for exclusive U.S. broadcasting rights for the Games, has erected the Sochi Starbucks in its cordoned-off area of the Olympic media center. Baristas serve the free java 24-hours-a-day to the roughly 2,500 people NBC says it sent…

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No Food Porn, Please, We're French

The BBC reports:

"Two Michelin-starred French chefs are cracking down on customers who take photographs of their food, it's been reported.

Gilles Goujon, who runs the three-starred L'Auberge du vieux puits restaurant in Fontjoncouse in southern France, says it is poor etiquette to take photos of…

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Healthy Muffins, Healthy Business, in LA

Healthy brain-and-body muffins are pleasing school kids in LA, and also boosting business. "The Los Angeles Unified School District's order with Buena Vista Food Products Inc. to bake 4 million servings of muffins, coffeecake and corn bread every month has doubled the firm's business and created 1…

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