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Is Pizza a Veg?

Pizza--the favorite lunch item of children stuck with cafeteria food in schools. Absolutely. Is it a veggie? Of course not! Could children be served pizzas with veggies added? Yes.  Offer veggie-covered pizzas only.  (But not with broccoli. Broc does not freeze or cook ( for the second time) at all well.)  I would suggest shredded zucchini and shredded carrots, along with the tomato sauce and cheese. The shredding renders the veg unrecognizable, see, it's a sneaky veggie invasion.

But---key as grappling with school lunch is, this is not an issue for Congress. Creative thinking school system by school system is needed. But, hey? Money is involved. The purchasing of vast warehouses of  inadequately nutritious frozen pizzas.


Photo via What's for School Lunch?



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