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Foodishness of Note

Underway for about three years, Food Corps connects young food/farm-oriented people with communities where the connection between "real" food and  children is weak. Somewhat like Americorps--there is now a link between these two groups-- attractive to the same idealists drawn to the Peace Corps, Food Corps people aim to engage children in school with food-related lesson plans, to create vegetable gardens, and to encourage improvement in school lunch programs.

And much more. Read about Food Corps here. 


The Great Hunger Museum in Hamden, CT, at Quinnipiac University, just came to our attention. It opened end of 2012. How we missed this, we do not know. But clearly the story of the Great Hunger, the catastrophic event sparked by the failure of the Irish potato crop in the 1840's, is one rich in content. This museum intends to explore the failure of the powerful to aid the powerless.