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Maize Maze Prisoners call 911

Be afraid, be very afraid, of humungous corn mazes, or as we like to call them, maize mazes. According to Business Insider, people in a maze run by Cool Patch Pumpkins in Dixon, CA, unable to find their way out, have been annoying local rescue units by calling 911.

"The maze was entered into the Gu…

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CA Strawberries and Pesticides

The Guardian reports that Dow Chemical has inserted itself and its pesticide 1, 3-D into California's strawberry crop big time, with potential dangerous impacts for field workers and others.

(In 2002, Dept of Pesticide Regulations director Paul) "Helliker dismantled the strict oversight designed se…

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MaryJane Farmers in CA Wreak Havoc on Wildlife

Via Yahoo News: "...several California wildlife researchers reported that pot farms are wreaking havoc on wildlife ranging from endangered salmon to black bears..."  "...grow ops near just one small tributary of the Eel River were siphoning up to 18 million gallons of water from the river’s water…

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