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Russia Feeling Effects of Food Import Ban

The Russian government's ban on food imports from the West is already hurting Russia's economy.

According to a report in Deutsche Welle, "As a result of the embargo, the cost of food in some of Russia's regions has been rising at a record pace. Wholesale prices for chicken legs on Sakhalin Island …

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McD's Under Pressure from Russian Government

Politics or not?  BBC News reports the Russian authorities are  temporarily closing four McD sites in Moscow, claiming they are unsanitary.

"Quentin Peel, former Moscow bureau chief for the Financial Times, told the BBC that the checks and closures were "propaganda".

"It's an extraordinary decis…

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No Polish Veg, Fruit, спасибо!

Surprise! Russia has made another enemy. After banning Ukrainian soy products and cornmeal, the government’s latest move is against fruits and vegetables from Poland. “‘The cost to Poland of the import ban is likely to be 0.6% of GDP (national output) by the end of the year,’” said Polish Deputy Pri…

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Tit for Tat, Say the Russkies, So There!

In response to sanctions from the West, Russia's prime minister,  and former  president, Dmitri Medvedev, announced the country had "banned fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, milk and dairy imports from the US,the EuropeanUnion, Australia, Canada and Norway..." for an entire year. Apparently increased…

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In Russia This Summer? Food Festivals Underway

You missed Novosyolki's Raspberry Festival, the International Cucumber Festival in Suzdal just finished, but make a note of two more: the Syzran Tomato Fair is August 24, and a week later Lukh celebrates the flat-topped onion bulb, apparently a fave of Ivan the Terrible.

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