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Food in Israel, 2011

Food in Gaza, 2011

Food in Iraq, 2012

Street Food: Brazil

Lettuce Entertain You!

Food Renaissance: Cheesemakers in Oregon

Visual Cooking


Food Culture: Food Trucks, LA

Eating: Don't

Travel Food: Sardinia


Dorado, served up at Ristorante da Robertino, in Palau, northern Sardinia, this May.   Photos: AZednik

What Happens in Helsinki, Definitely Should NOT Stay in Helsinki.

Restaurant Day – A food carnival when anyone can open a restaurant for a day from Restaurant Day on Vimeo.

American foodies, you can do this, you know you can.

Singing/Dancing in the Ikea Kitchen

Eat Sweet Treats

Oh yes. These cookies and their brethren at the newly opened Eat Sweet Bakery in Pine Island, New York, about an hour north of what the locals call "the City," ( mere mortals know it as New York,) are tasty beyond description. The thirty-somethings who do all the baking, run the shop, and handle the catering, are determined to make use of local ingredients as much as possible. 

Owners Melissa Petersen-Schultz and Abigail Stever

Make Borscht, Go On, Do It!

Classic Persian Fare: Mirage Restaurant, Clearwater, FL

  Ground chicken kabobs, or koobideh at left, chicken kabobs on right.

Street Food, Mumbai