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A Native American Foods Restaurant in MN

Yes, the US seemingly has few restaurants serving American Indian food.  We know of one, brand new, in Tampa, called Ulele. And the cafeteria at the National Museum of the American Indian in Washington, DC. features a range of foods from across the country. Now MIC reports another to open in Decemb…

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In Menu Re-do, Meat Shunted Aside by Paris' Alain Ducasse

Say it ain't so, Alain! According to a piece in The Guardian, Alain Ducasse, dubbed France's "top chef," is moving away from the traditional animal products for which French cuisine has been known.

"His three-star restaurant at the luxury Plaza Athénée hotel will reopen after refurbishment on Monda…

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Early Florida Indian Fare on the Menu in Tampa

According to the Tampa Bay Times, Ulele Restaurant, a project long in the works and developed by Columbia Restaurant's Richard Gonzmart, is opening tomorrow  in Tampa, Florida.

"The entire menu of the restaurant opening Tuesday in Tampa Heights pays tribute to early-Florida Indian fare and the pio…

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PopUp Restaurant Day!

Yes, it's that day again, November 16, ( though a blog malfunction did not let you see this post as planned…) when food appears from car trunks, and on tables in front of apartments all over the world as "popup" eateries hold sway, for a day. Restaurant Day.

"One-day restaurants have so far po…

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Rooftop Greens on Food Truck

Lulu's Local Eatery food truck, in St. Louis, features greenery up top. And organic, locally grown specialties below.Sweet potato falafel, anyone?


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Extreme breakfast: Only 1760 calories!

From those killjoys at The Center for Science in the Public Interest: "IHOP serves a breakfast consisting of deep-fried steak with gravy, two fried eggs, deep-fried potatoes, and two buttermilk pancakes. The Country Fried Steak & Eggs combo has 1,760 calories, 23 grams of saturated fat, 3,720 mg o…

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Wendy's Sweets, and more...

Yep, baked sweet potatoes are new on the sides menu at Wendy's, apparently.
All good. One of the great healthy foods. But Wendy's is offering them with a "buttery cinnamon topping." "Buttery" as in fake, as in not butter, as in how much sugar, too? !
And this side, as well--"Wendy’s natural cut fries…

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Panera Bread 501c3 to Open Two More Pay-What-You-Can Cafes

"At a time of high unemployment, when about one in every seven American households is known as “food insecure,” Panera is joining a small but growing group of restaurants serving meals that are literally priceless."

"Operated through Panera’s nonprofit 501c3 foundation rather than the commercial…

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Restaurant Day is Right Now!

It started in Hensinki, a year ago, as a wacky exercise whereby non professional people who like to cook opened "restaurants" for a day, out on the sidewalk, in their homes, in vacant lots, and more. Apparently there have been four such Restaurant Days since the start, and this year people in countr…

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Veterans Support Iraqi Restaurant in Lowell, MA

When someone recently tossed a rock through the window of an Iraqi-owned business in Lowell, veterans from the area, as well as local fans, came together to support the Babylon Restaurant against what was perceived as a hate crime. They filled tables, and showed solidarity to owner Leyla Al-Zubaydi …

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