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'Tis the Season to be Mellow! Where Have We Been?

We became surfeited with emails, links, and news reports going on about the hideous and demanding and nigh impossible task of preparing a large bird for dinner. ( Oh, come off it!)

And the beginning fever of the so-called "holiday season" stuck in our throats, with media hand-wringing on how to handle all its nerve-wrecking elements, while urging the populace to buy, buy, and buy. 

This is a holiday? This is fun? Amusing? Pleasurable?

So, there it is.  Bah humbug to all that nonsense. And anyway, we of The Food Museum are busy!!! writing two interesting food-related books.

Still, we're back,  munching on New Mexico biscochitos, and we expect to be delighting in seasonal tamales soon. 

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