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Fabled Farm Labor Leader Dies

Via AP: "Jessie Lopez De La Cruz, a longtime leader in the national farmworker movement, has died. She was 93.

The United Farmworkers of America says De La Cruz died in Kingsburg, Calif., on Labor Day. She was one of the union's first female members and organizers in the Fresno area."

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Church Acreage Once Provided People Actual Food

Trinity Church, in lower Manhattan, first established in 1697, now calls its 1846 building home. According to a story in the NYTimes, "The Episcopal parish, known as Trinity Wall Street, traces its holdings to a gift of 215 acres of prime Manhattan farmland donated in 1705 by Queen Anne of England. …

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Agriculturalists Pushed Out Europe's Hunter-Gatherers

7500 years ago or so, farmers from what is now Turkey, apparently brought agricultural practices to Europe, according to a report in LiveScience. "...the earliest farmers in Germany were closely related to Near Eastern and Anatolian people, suggesting that the agricultural revolution did indeed brin…

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