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Buh-Bye to Summer, But Not ( Yet) to Ice Cream and Tomatoes

Salem, NJ, was home both to Lewis Bassett, founder of Bassetts Ice Cream in Philly, but also to Col Johnson who did NOT stand on the steps of the courthouse eating a tomato....Read on.

Another in our food heritage postings at Mother Earth News.

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Ben& Jerry's: Heading to Zero GMO's

The alternative ice cream company established in Vermont is well on its way to producing a product free of any GMO ingredients.

According to a piece in The Organic and Non-GMO Report, "Eighty percent of the ingredients used in Ben & Jerry’s products are non-GMO, and 26 ice cream flavors are fully…

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Ice Cream Lovers? This is Your Site

If you eat it, make it at home, plan trips around ice cream availability, I Love Ice Cream is a must.  Among many other offerings from the site's Brooklyn/Florida creator, two recipes stood out--olive oil gelato, and black pepper ice cream. 

Photo via Chow.

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